Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics


KNTEU of the most respected educational institutions of Ukraine, certified by the highest IV level of accreditation.
       The University is a leader in the reform of higher education of Ukraine, the first in the country made significant upgrading the content of education, the widespread introduction of comp’cybernetics, the newest educational technologies on the basis of software products, local, global information networks. A modern library center with e-service of readers. Active system of parallel training and integrated multi-level education in the framework of technical economy policy.
       The University is performing the functions of the scientific-methodical center for higher educational institutions of Ukraine on preparation of specialists in "Management" and "Trade". Is the developer of state standards of education in these areas.
      Provides training, retraining and raising qualification of specialists on government orders and contracts with legal entities and individuals for the spheres of internal and foreign trade, financial system, and the rights, customs, consumer protection, antitrust activity of business Economics, banking and insurance, accounting, financial control, in the restaurant industry, tourism, hotel industry, other parts of the infrastructure.
Training is carried out in 16 areas (Economics and business, management, trade, food technology and engineering, right) - 27 specialties, 50 specializations.
    Organization of training on modern topical for the society specialties, attracts more and more attention to young people, numerous entrepreneurs, organizations, enterprises.

    To ensure a high level of practical training of students of functioning of Educational-production Association, Centre of educational and training firms, Center for certification of products, services and quality systems.
    To organize and coordinate the training process and educational work with students, research activities are functional departments, library, career development center, other divisions.
    A High level of specialist training provided by qualified, skilled scientific-pedagogical personnel. The proportion of teachers with scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of Sciences exceeds 70 percent. There are 13 honored workers of science and technology, honored workers of higher school, public education, 4 academicians and 4 corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences. Created the system of raising the level of pedagogical mastery, the mastery of the teachers of modern forms and methods of training. Works Graduate school of pedagogic skills.




The History of the University dates back from Kyiv branch of the all-Union correspondence Institute of Soviet tradecreated 1946the decree of the Council of Ministers of USSR № 50 from 14.01.59,branch transferred to the management of the Kharkov Institute of Soviet trade, in the same year - Donetsk Institute of Soviet trade.
  Resolution of the Council of Ministers of USSR № 195 of 04.03.66,created with Kyiv trade and economic Institute.

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 542 of 29.08.94,convertedto Kyiv state University of trade and Economics.
Decree of the President of Ukraine № 1059/2000 of 11.09.2000,courtesy of national status.
2006joined the world-famous the great Charter of universities.



Faculty economy, management and law

Department economic theory and competition policy

Department economy and Finance company

Department marketing and advertising

Department management

Department international Economics

Department jurisprudence

Department commercial law

Faculty accounting, audit and economic Cybernetics

Department economic Cybernetics and information systems

Department accounting

Department the philosophical and social Sciences

Department financial analysis and control

Faculty restaurant-hotel and tourist business

Department technology and organization of restaurant business

Department hotel-restaurant and tourism business

Department engineering and technical disciplines

Department physical culture

Faculty commodity research and commercial activities

Department commodity research and examination of nonfoods

Department commodity research and examination of food products

Department trade enterprise

Department modern European languages

Faculty Finance and banking

Department banking

Department Finance

Department psychology

Department statistics and econometrics

Department higher and applied mathematics



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